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Presents   The AMAZING BRACE

was designed by Stan Nasarzewski
an event videographer to support handheld camcorders

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Key features:
• Fatigue free video shooting for as long as you need
    without the need for a Tripod !
• Stable shots---- Eliminates shaking and jerking evident
    through prolonged hand holding of a camcorder.
    (i.e. during long winded talker video interviews or a toast)
• Easy movement through crowds.
    (a Tripod on wheels will never make it through)
• Professional look...
• Made of strong bar aluminum, weighing only 1 lb 7 oz,
    anodized for a durable finish.
• The foam rubber liner on the inside of the SHOULDER
    adheres to your clothing. It will not slip off and is replaceable!
• With it's compact design, light weight & ease of use
    The AMAZING BRACE has become professional
    videographers* #1 favorite accessory.
    (*quoted by members of MVG ~ Mentors Video Group)

• The SHOULDER and stem of the BLADE are slightly twisted
    so that The AMAZING BRACE conforms to your body
    and stays in place through the rigors of video shooting.
    The AMAZING BRACE was manufactured for
    right side use since most camcorders are
    designed to be held with the right hand.
Body Size: Not everyone has the same size body,
    we offer Regular for the average size person (fits most people)
    and Large Size for robust or the larger built body.
Camera Brand: With some of the new HD cameras,
    (i.e. the Sony PMW-EX1 HD camera) we have modified
    the Amazing Brace Shoulder a little higher
    to line up with the view finder. [ see example HERE ]
Note: FIRST Select your Body Size, Camera Brand & Model#
Body Size   Regular Large
Camera Brand  
and Model#  

( i.e. Sony-VX2000 ~ Cannon-XL1 etc )
Body Size, Camera Brand & Model# are Required
some cameras require a modification to the Shoulder portion

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So how difficult is it to figure out...?
here is what one customer had to say about the Amazing Brace...

I took home an 'Amazing Brace' last night.
When I arrived my wife had already gone to bed
so I set the amazing brace on the dining room table.
I left the house this morning before my wife got up.
When I then spoke to her on the phone she commented
that she saw something 'interesting' on the dining room table.
She had already figured out what it was by that time
and had already figured out how useful it was.
Without me having said even one word to her about it
she was already extolling its virtues.

Best regards,
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