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General Instructions:
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The EXTENDER allows the BODY of the brace to be moved closer to the brace SHOULDER (for petite people) or further apart (for robust people). Simply remove the screw (factory set in the middle of the ADJUSTER), slide the brace BODY in the EXTENDER to the proper hole and reinsert and tighten the screw (snug).
Once adjusted, forget it! There are no other adjustments.

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Any camcorder can be connected to The AMAZING BRACE via the ¼ -20 screw hole on the bottom of the camcorder (this is standard for most camcorders). Simply screw the ¼-20 WING KNOB to the tri-pod hole at the base of your camcorder.
We need to know what Camera Brand & Model # you will use because some of the new HD cameras, we have modified the Amazing Brace Shoulder a little higher to line up better with some of these models view finders. [ see example HERE ]
However, it is recommended that a Quick Connect/Release be attached between the camera and brace for the following reasons:
• Quick & Easy on and off of the camcorder
• Damage to the camcorder could result if the WING KNOB screw is longer than
    the camcorder hole depth. Hole depths vary among camcorders.
• Continued use of the thumb screw by placing the camcorder on and off the brace,
    could mar (by accident) the anodized track. This will not hamper the operation
    of the brace but may be unsightly to the operator (See Detail Instruction page)
   (positioning the camcorder on the track via the WING KNOB will not mar the anodized track)
• Not all quick connects can be used with The AMAZING BRACE
    The base of the quick connect must be flat to conform to the flat surface
    The Manfrotto 3299, for example, cannot be used because of its irregular base.

    Hold the camcorder (now attached to The AMAZING BRACE ) with the right hand
    and place the SHOULDER of The AMAZING BRACE on your right shoulder.

    With the left hand on the HANDLE turn the HANDLE approx. turn
    Counter Clockwise to loosen the BLADE. Slide the BLADE into the POUCH
    (the POUCH provided is an easy Clip-On style to attach to a belt. The belt is not provided)
    Adjust the length of the BLADE until the camera is parallel to the ground.
    Tighten the HANDLE. (See Detail Instruction page)

    The SHOULDER and BLADE should be snug to your body and the camcorder
    parallel to the ground. Otherwise, the EXTENDER may need to be adjusted
      (see ADJUSTMENT)

     Note: The HANDLE is also adjustable! Simply pull it outward and turn
    where you normally want it when tightened and let it go. It will snap into place.

    The secret to fatigue free video shooting is to periodically adjust the weight
    of the camcorder between the POUCH and your shoulder.

    To transfer the camera weight to the POUCH loosen and hold the HANDLE
    with your left hand and pull the camera upward with your right hand.
    Tighten the HANDLE.

    To transfer the camera weight to your shoulder loosen and hold the HANDEL
    with your left hand and while holding the camera with your right hand
    letting the camera slide slowly downward. Tighten the HANDLE.

      Transferring the camera weight is so easy and smooth
      that it can be done while video shooting.

    When not in use remove the camcorder from The AMAZING BRACE,
    loosen the HANDLE and slide the BLADE upward as far as it will go.
    Tighten the HANDLE and store. (See Detail Instruction page)


While walking forward the body has a tendency to "bounce" up and down a few inches. To minimize the effect while shooting hold on to the blade, with it out of the pouch, in your left hand and hold the camcorder in your right. It is easier to keep the brace and camcorder even using both hands while walking forward.

Believe it or not the body keeps fairly even while slowly walking backwards
so video shooting requires no special effort.
Just make sure someone is watching where you are going!

While shooting an event where action is taking place (e.g. a wedding reception dancing)
any slight movement of the body is not noticeable in the video.
However, when there is little action and mostly talking, like during a wedding toast, the slight body motion may be perceptible. To mitigate the effect find a chair, table, ceiling column anything stable and hold on to it with your left hand. The slight body motion will be minimized.

Sometimes the crowd just will not let you in to shoot the action. To get an overhead shot hold the bottom of the BLADE with your left hand and the end of the SHOULDER with your right hand. Lift the camcorder brace and camcorder up as high as you can over the crowd. Use the LCD screen (most hand held camcorders have them) tilted down to see your shot.

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